Thursday, September 17, 2009

new museum visit and moma trip

i went to the new museum as suggested and i was completely let down. i have seen good shows there (also at their 2 old locations) and bad ones and sorry to say this one falls on the bad end. the curating more so than the subject matter peaked my interest the most. why did they choose to hang the large format pictures by clamps and frame the smaller black and white photos. that was perplexing.
on another note i had gone to the moma to see the james ensor exhibit and selections from the susan rothchild foundation of works on paper and was pleased with both shows. they were not only inspiring but diverse in their content.

alex bag video

The film follows the meandering talks of a pretend art student(as bag had created this while she was a student at the cooper union about a sva student). it seems to be a commentary on life at school and the way you fluctuate between thoughts about what you are doing and where you are at mentally during the course of your academic career. the interspursed parts throughout the piece after each segment seem to me to represent the wanderings of ones mind creatively during the interm period between semesters. sometimes good and other times a trainwreck but thats not always bad either.