Wednesday, December 2, 2009

7 Days in the Art World- The Crit

John Baldessari along with countless other artist(i.e Alvin Lucier, Judy Chicago, Sadie Banning, Michael Asher, Karen Finley, Peter Halley, Stan Douglas, Jim Shaw, Alan Kaprow,Jeff Wall etc...) make up the Cal Arts faculty and its visiting artist program from past and present. Their prominent alumni is a list of who's who including Tony Oursler, David Salle, Ross Bleckner, Eric Fischl, Mike Kelly and Lari Pittman. CalArts was founded by Walt Disney in 1961.
Michael asher's crits can last up to ten hours in length. People bring food,their animals, pillows ,blankets and snacks. The snacks of which are provided by the students being Critted.After ten pages of reading the article almost nothing is mentioned of the crit or its effect on the student. It does state "Crits may be opertunities to hash out communal meanings, but that doesn't mean that students finish the semester with uniform values.Asher feels that it is the students "Post Studio" class not his.
Crits that I had been part of usually have people just sitting around empty minded and full of useless ideas. its hard to hold a crit and evaluate someones work. It usually turns into a "I like this" or " I would do_____if Iwere you."these actions are useless and do nothing to increase the artists aim or ability. It is encouraging when the teacher is struck or intrigued by your work but negative feedback is usually thought of misunderstanding .
MFA stands for mother fucking artist announces a girl on campus. If she were in the crit I would had kicked her out. First because it is a pretentious statement. Second it is child like. and third someone of that mentality does not deserve the priviledge of being in a room with people who are serious about art. it is trite and banal to say the least. The text states"Successful crits become the basis of lifelong interpretive communities of art subcultures."Personally I think it is a lot of nonesense.
There is a book by the writer James Elkins called, Why Art Cannot Be Taught, and he has an extensive chapter on Crits. if anything is learned by crits or how they can be improved upon it is in that book not in 7 Days in the Art World.

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